the Earth Day 世界地球日 (by Andy Lee)

明天就是世界地球日了 節能減碳作了沒呢 注意一下我們留下的碳足跡喔 (Carbon Footprint)....還記得環保三R是甚麼嗎? 大家跟我一起來想想英文tapole_s怎麼講吧....:-)))

世界地球日 (Earth Day) 即每年的422日,是一項世界性的環境保護活動。在這天175個以上不同國籍的人們以各自不同的方式宣傳和實踐環境保護的觀念現在用英文說說看: Earth Day is on April 22nd every year, on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness (意識瞭解) and appreciation (感激欣賞) of the Earth's natural environment(環境). Earth Day is now coordinated (協同統籌) globally by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated (慶祝) in more than 175 countries every year.
The Three Rs (你知道解決垃圾的環保三R運動為何嗎?)

One of the keys to successfully helping the environment is recycling, but more specifically, there are three factors that help us focus our efforts: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Reduce (減量) - If we eat 3 candies instead of 10 per day, we are reducing the number of candies we eat, and therefore we reduce the amount of sugar we consume (消耗). In this case, the concept of reducing is linked to (相關) making less garbage. If we buy lots of small juice boxes, then we make a lot of garbage. If we buy one big juice box and refill washable bottles, we’re making less garbage. Can you come up with more examples of ways to reduce garbage?
Reuse ( 再利用) - If we fill a plastic bottle (塑膠瓶) with water instead of throwing it away, we are reusing it. The concept of reusing is linked to using an item more than once. For example, if the supermarket gives us our groceries (雜貨) in a plastic bag, we can keep the bag and use it the next time we go to the market. Do you know more examples of reusing?
Recycle (回收) -  What things do you recycle at home? The concept of recycling is linked to turning something that was once useful into another useful item. Some examples of materials (材料 原料) that may be recycled like paper and glass. What other materials may be recycled? 


OK, 現在就來想想以下的問題吧….看你能答對幾題?

 1. What is an ecosystem?

a) It is a place having unique physical features—including air, water and land—supporting plant and animal life.
b) It's a process to name newly discovered plants and animals.
c) It's a popular computer game.

2. What is the symbol for recycling?

a) The Earth with a heart on it
b) Three arrows that create an endless loop
c) A gold star
3. How does planting trees help our environment?
a) Trees help clean the air.
b) Trees provide homes for birds and other animals.
c) Trees help reduce pollution in water.
d) All of the above.

4. Which uses less water…a shower or a bath?

a) A shower
b) A bath

5. Which of these things is NOT recyclable?

a) Foam drinking cups
b) Plastic bags
c) Cell phones

6. What is composting?

a) Posting information about the environment online
b) Pulling weeds in your garden
c) Recycling scraps of fruit, veggies and other organic materials by planting them outside

7. What is a carbon footprint?

a) A dinosaur fossil
b) A measure of the impact our actions and activities have on our planet and the climate
c) A cute picture you made with your feet to give to mom

8. What is the greenhouse effect?

a) When you mom decides to paint your house green one summer
b) When the weather gets warmer and plants start growing in spring
c) The rise in temperature the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun to warm up the Earth

9. What does it mean when food is organic?

a) It is food that is made or grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides.
b) It won't taste good.
c) It was made while someone was playing the organ.

10. Which of these things is something you could do to help save our planet?

a) Turn off the water while you brush your teeth
b) Ride your bike to work or to school
c) Remind your parents to bring reusable bags when you go grocery shopping
d) All of the above 
  the Earth Day 世界地球日 (by Andy Lee)


    earther day 地球日


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