Car rental租車 (by Andy LEE)

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下裡拜上租車 (car rental) 基礎班及個別班的同學有興趣可以要求聽講此課程 這對於你未來的國際旅遊很有幫助喔
你租過車嗎? Have you rented a car before? 租車有太多的陷阱及注意事項 too many tips & pitfalls to watch out when it comes to renting a car....!!!下次就來聊一聊租車這個話題吧...Let's talk about Car Rental next time.....see you guys soon....:-)))
當你go on a vacation 的時後, 你必須能夠 get around , 所以你可能會選擇to rent a car. 首先你必須要 contact 一個 car rental agency 問他說你們有那些 types of vehicles available. 舉例來說 (For example), 你最後租了一台 SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) 你希望可以開它去作一些 sightseeing. 結果你以weekly rate of $40 a day 的價位租到手, 但這個價位是 not including tax; 好佳在(台語) …這台 SUV 可以讓你開 unlimited miles, 所以當你開長途時你不須要擔心 pay extra… 當然囉, 你要自己付gas費用, 想想看:

Question 1: 你覺得跟租車公司買 gasoline 是個 good idea 嗎? 是Full Out; Full In 還是 Full Out; Empty In 比較好呢? (Andy’s bad experience with “Prepaid Gas Option” in Hawaii)
rental agency 可能會recommend 你買 insurance, 於是你就開始hesitate 了…..???!!!

Question 2: 當別人推薦你買insurance 時, 你應該accept 或是decline呢? 甚麼時後可以不要purchase insurance呢? 甚麼是 waiver 呢? 各國有些特殊的 law 限制嗎?
Question 3: 如果你決定要買insurance 基本上有那幾種 choices呢? 你知道其中那一種的是最為廣泛強制被required的嗎 (including Taiwan)?
Insurance 最主要有兩種:
(I) comprehensive /full coverage)
(II) liability ( 3rd party)
其它additional car protection plans還有如: (a) collision  (b) medical payments   (c) property damage ,它們分別於car accident發生時 cover甚麼呢? 小心: 不要 get your car over insured…!!!
接下來你就要作一個完整的 visual inspection 了, 仔細的看一看有沒有 dents 或是 scratches 或甚至是cigarette burns…etc. 看完後將每項問題記在inspection form 上面 這麼一來你才不會 be liable for previous damages啊….very important…!!!
Finally, 一切都妥當了,你就可以 sign the rental agreement 並且開始你的 vacation囉.
假期結束前就要把 SUV開回來return 給這家car rental agency, 要延期 (extend) 怎麼辦?
Question 4: 除了going on vacation 之外, what are some other reasons you would rent a car? Have you ever rented a car before? 如果有的話, 談談你的experience(s) 吧…

Question 5: 有那些常見的sizes of car 可以去 choose 呢?除了 sedan 外, 還那些常見的 types of car 可以去 choose 呢?
Question 6: 省錢 省錢 省錢 !!! How to save money…??? (package, online, weekend, re-check, off airport) 預約租車須要deposit 嗎?
其它常用字彙: reservation, last name/first name, pick up & return, upgrade, special offer/deal, full gas tank, additional drivers (25+), contract, parking space (#), parking lot, local map, manual –or- automatic, driver’s license, late charge, rental extension 我會在課堂上一一解釋說明
Car rental租車 (by Andy LEE)

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