What is "muggle" (麻瓜)???  (by Andy Lee)
昨天我媽看電視問我甚麼是麻瓜 (muggle), 字典裡面可能找不到這個字 首先 它是個俚語 (slang) 指的是一個大麻作的香煙 (a marijuana cigarette), 在來就是沒有特殊技能或無知的俗人 Harry Potter 電影囉 作者 J.K. 就用mugger來講那些不具神力的平凡人. My mom asked me what is "mugger" while watching the TV yesterday. Well, first of all, you probably can't find it in your dictionary. It's an old slang (back in 1920s) which means "a marijuana cigarette". And it is also referred to people who are ignorant, people without special skills or power. J.K. Rowing used this word in Harry Potter to indicate people without magic power.
 What is "muggle" (麻瓜)???  (by Andy Lee)


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