ban-marriage-big.gif"不婚族" 的英文怎麼說? How to call those people who don't want to get married? (by Andy Lee) 

今天有人問我 "不婚族" 的英文怎麼說 沒有一個完美的答案 以下說法供你參考

Someone asked me how to say " 不婚族" today. I really don't know a perfect term for it and neither can I find an appropriate way to describe those people who do not want to get married for all kinds of reasons, but there are a couple of various ways to describe people in this situation ust for you reference:

(1) I saw a website that uses the term "marriagefree" to refer to people who have made a conscious decision not to get married, or are actively opposed to marriage. It includes single people and those in relationships.
(2) 不婚族 I don’t want to be in the Never-Marry Group.
(3) 獨身主義者--celibtarian"或是用"獨身主義---bachelorism"
(4) 不婚男生 a confirmed bachelor 不婚女生 a spinster
(5) a quikyalone-----a person who enjoys being single, but is not opposed to being in a relationship.


    married 不婚族


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