The Tree of Life

Terrence Malick 的新片 'The Tree of Life" 可能是今年最重要的一部片 他三十八年間就出只拍了五部片 上一部是 "The Thin Red Line", 每一部都如詩splash_ALP.jpg一般的美 讓人迴腸盪氣 向哈雷慧星般的炫爛而稀有 希望大家和我一樣的期待....:-)

'The tree of Life" is the only fifth films Terrence Malick made in 38 years. Everybody is anxiously anticipating this film (premiere in Canes now), the last movie he made is "The Thin Red Line" (remember the lovely Jim Caviezel?) , his movies are so few and far between, rare and splendid like Halley's Comet. Hope you guys are all looking f  orward to seeing it just like me....:-)


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