A Letter from Nature 來自自然的一封信

在我的一趟自行車之旅中,我看到了一個老樹與其旁邊的標誌說,這可能是鎮上最古老的樹....紅絲帶綁在樹幹上,有一個小寺廟就在身邊。我尋思它必須伴隨過世世代代代的孩子玩耍... ...多麼有趣!樹中間有一個神聖空間 我想必然是由自然力量如閃電或強風所造成。泉水 通過一個小管子 輕輕流入旁邊的小水塔  附近有一個古老的石屋,低沉而舒緩的天然新時代樂曲流洩在我的耳朵。現在一想起這一幕 它仍然給了我一些雞皮疙瘩。不久後,我聽到英國廣播公司的採訪大衛阿滕伯勒的“來自自然的一封信”拍攝和講故事,從樹梢在叢林,在那裡可能是一個人跡極為罕至的地方,以達到在整個自然界....漂亮完成。 ..我想有一些關於樹木觸動人心古今中外皆然的方式,真是太棒的....大衛!
On my bike trip today, I saw a old javanica tree with a sign saying that it's could the oldest tree in town.... A red ribbon was tied around the trunk, and there is a little temple on the side. I pondered it must have accompanied kids of generations to climb and play around...how fun! The hallow space in the midde must be created by natural forces like lightning or strong wind. The spring water was gently flowing into a small water tower via a small pipe right next to a aged stone house nearby, creating a low & soothing natural new-age like sounds by my ears. It gave me some goosebumps just by looking at it. Then I ran across BBC's interview with this guy David Attenborough's "A Letter from Nature" filming and telling stories from treetops in jungle canopy, where could be one of the most inaccessible places to reach in the entire natural world....beautifully done...I guess there is something about trees that touches everybdoy in an universal way even they don't move like us....great job David !

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