Ithaa 海底餐廳

哇 瞧瞧這個海底餐廳 Ithaa 像晚宴劇場般的潛水設置 位於印度洋下16英尺。從它的玻璃牆隧道可以看到令人驚嘆的海景和未被破壞的珊瑚環礁,一群群的鸚鵡魚和巨型黃貂魚 一次只能容納12位幸運客人。 六道菜的晚餐每人 $9600台幣....))) 想試看嗎....???
This theater-like restaurant called "Ithaa" , located 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. Its tunnel shape and glass walls reveal a breathtaking seascape of unspoiled coral atolls, schools of parrot fish, and giant stingrays only for 12 lucky diners, about $9600 TWD for a 6-course dinner per person. wow, wanna try it ???


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