lower-abs-workout-298x300.jpg如何訓練人魚線...??? How to train your Mermaid Line???

by Andy Lee


最近總是遇到健身的問題 還是寫下來跟大家分想好了

人魚線的練習正好跟仰臥起作相反 躺平後 雙腳彎曲緊閉 往胸前抬舉 然後逐漸加強難度 腳慢慢驅直(依然以舒適程  度適當的彎曲) 然後一樣往胸前抬舉 等進一步適應後 則挑戰最難動作 那就是把雙腳完全伸直併合往胸前抬舉 速度平緩 別忘了抬舉雙腿時呼氣 放時吸氣喔 加油...!!!  加油...!!!  祝大家好運 訓練成功...))))   

How to train your Mermaid Line???

Mermaid line training happens to be the opposite of sit-up/crunch exercise. To start with the entry-level exercise, you lie flat with your knees bended and then raise your legs up close to your chest as much as you can. After you get used to this entry-level exercise, try the harder one: keep your knees less bended and raise them to your chest again. Finally, try the hardest but most efficient one: keep your legs fully extended and bring them up to your chest. Be sure you gradually increase the difficulty, don't rush through or hurt yourself please! Also, don't forget to exhale when you lift up your legs and inhale when you lay them down.....OK? Good luck everybody....!!!



    mermaid line lower abs 人魚線


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