DB-shoulder.JPG  如何鍛鍊胸肌???

最近常被人問到: 如何鍛鍊胸肌? 乾脆就把它寫下來與大家分享。

經由增加胸部肌肉,除了可以在外觀更具吸引力。胸肌強度的增加會讓你在做很多其它活動更加容易。所以不僅只是健美先生小姐,而且是每個人都應該鍛鍊培養自己的胸部肌肉,因為除了外表好看外 它還是健康體質一個主要的部分。

因此,如何訓練你的胸部肌肉?槓鈴,啞鈴,滑輪 等都是經常用來強化和塑造胸部。(去 youtube 找找影片看)

如果你想加速培養實力,可以在任何這些練習中 使用較重的重量。

一整套要執行3組 每組8-10次 組中間休息 30 秒。 3 組都作完之前不可以停 大家加油喔....!!!


How to Train Your Chest Muscles...???

Men can look and feel more attractive by increasing the chest measurement. Increased strength in your chest muscles will certainly makes those pushing activities easier. Not only just the bodybuilders, but  also  everybody should train their chest muscles as it is a major portion of the physique.

So how to training your chest muscle? Barbells, dumbbells, pulleys are frequently used to build and shape the chest. (go to Youtube and check out those demonstration clips)  

To train for strength, simply do any of these exercises using heavier weight and performing between 2 and 8 repetitions per set. 3-5 sets a day should be enough. Keep in mind---complete one set of 8 reps, take 30 secs break in between, do not stop until you complete the whole set...!!!

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